About us
For over 20 years, Dr. Juli Larson and her staff have provided the highest level of vision healthcare to patients throughout the New England area. Having seen the need for the same level of service and care in the area of hearing, Dr. Larson proudly expanded her practice to include a clinically integrated comprehensive hearing healthcare program.
Vision and hearing are our two most important senses. They allow us to connect and communicate with the world around us. As we age, both of these senses gradually begin to fail us. Although we are taught early in life to get our eyes checked regularly, the same advice is not offered as strongly in regards to our hearing and the access of such testing isn’t as readily available. Primary physicians often make it routine to screen for vision issues—but do not do the same for hearing.
Juli A. Larson, M.D.

At New England Vision Correction, we want to help ensure that both your vision and hearing healthcare needs are addressed. Our hearing clinic allows our Director and State Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Elisabeth Walton, to conduct comprehensive hearing evaluations and, when needed, fit our patients with state-of-the-art hearing technology. Elisabeth’s commitment to exceptional patient care combined with her vast experience and expertise in evaluating and fitting hearing aids make her a welcome addition to our professional staff at New England Vision Correction.
Elisabeth Walton, H.I.S.